Graduate Program

Director of Graduate Studies - Lin Zhong

The following programs are available to study at Yale University Computer Science.

  • The Master of Science - The Master of Science (MS) program is intended for students planning to pursue a professional career directly after finishing the MS program, rather than continuing on in a PhD program.  The MS program is also suitable for students interested in undertaking a research project but who are not sure yet whether they want to make the multi-year commitment to a PhD program.
  • The Doctor of Philosophy -  The Department offers a Doctoral Program leading to a Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) degree. It typically takes four to six years to get a Ph.D. The Ph.D. program is focused on research. There are course requirements in the first three terms, but starting in the third term the main focus is on research, guided by an advisor and supervisory committee.
  • Yale Computer Science Graduate Handbook - Information about the department and more.
  • Yale Computer Science Admissions FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions for those who are interested in enrolling in the Yale Computer Science programs.