CS Colloquium - Jason Weston, Facebook AI & NYU Visiting Research Professor

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Tuesday, September 13, 2022 - 4:00pm
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CS Colloquium
Jason Weston, Facebook AI & NYU Visiting Research Professor

Host: Dragomir Radev

Title: A journey from ML and NNs to NLP and Beyond: Just more of the same isn’t enough?


The first half of the talk will look back on the last two decades of machine learning, neural network and natural language processing research for dialogue, through my personal lens, to discuss the advances that have been made and the circumstances in which they happened – to try to give clues of what we should be working on for the future. The second half will dive deeper into some current first steps in those future directions, in particular trying to fix the problems of neural generative models to enable deeper reasoning with short and long-term coherence, and to ground such dialogue agents to an environment where they can act and learn. We will argue that just scaling up current techniques, while a worthy investigation, will not be enough to solve these problems.