YINS Distinguished Lecturer Series - Jure Leskovec, Stanford Univ. and Pinterest

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Wednesday, March 1, 2017 - 12:00pm
Yale Institute for Network Science See map
17 Hillhouse Avenue, 3rd Floor
New Haven, CT 06511
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YINS Distinguished Lecturer Series
Jure Leskovec, Stanford University and Pinterest

Title: Higher-order organization of complex networks


Networks are a fundamental tool for understanding and modeling complex systems in physics, biology, neuroscience, and social science. Many networks are known to exhibit rich, lower-order connectivity patterns that can be captured at the level of individual nodes and edges. However, higher-order organization of complex networks—–at the level of small network subgraphs—–remains largely unknown. We develop a generalized framework for clustering networks based on higher-order connectivity patterns. This framework provides mathematical guarantees on the optimality of obtained clusters and scales to networks with billions of edges. The framework reveals higher-order organization in neuronal networks, identifies ecological layers in food webs, and automatically detects hubs in transportation networks. Our results imply that networks exhibit rich organizational structures that are exposed by clustering higher-order connectivity patterns.

Jure Leskovec is associate professor of Computer Science at Stanford University and chief scientist at Pinterest. Computation over massive data is at the heart of his research and has applications in computer science, social sciences, economics, marketing, and healthcare. This research has won several awards including a Lagrange Prize, Microsoft Research Faculty Fellowship, the Alfred P. Sloan Fellowship, and numerous best paper awards. Leskovec received his bachelor’s degree in computer science from University of Ljubljana, Slovenia, and his PhD in in machine learning from the Carnegie Mellon University and postdoctoral training at Cornell University.