2014 Technical Reports

YALEU/DCS/TR1486 [.pdf] Deniable Anonymous Group Authentication
Ewa Syta
Benjamin Peterson
David Isaac Wolinsky
Michael Fischer
Bryan Ford
February 2014

YALEU/DCS/TR1487 End-to-End Verification of Stack-Space Bounds for C Programs
Quentin Carbonneaux
Jan Hoffmann
Tahina Ramananandro
Zhong Shao
March 2014

YALEU/DCS/TR1488 [.pdf] Scheduling Heuristics for Lazy Database Systems
Daniel Tahara
May 2014

YALEU/DCS/TR1489 [.pdf] Athena: Automatic Text Height Extraction For the Analysis of Text Lines in Old Handwritten Manuscripts
Ruggero Pintus
Ying Yang
Holly Rushmeier
May 2014

YALEU/DCS/TR1490 [.pdf] On the Analytical and Numerical Properties of the Truncated Laplace Transform
Roy R. Lederman
May 2014

YALEU/DCS/TR1491 [.pdf] Manifold Learning for Latent Variable Inference in Dynamical Systems
Ronen Talmon
Stéphane Mallat
Hitten Zaveri
Ronald R. Coifman
June 10, 2014

YALEU/DCS/TR1492 [.pdf] On the asymptotics of Bessel functions in the Fresnel regime
Z. Heitman
J. Bremer
V. Rokhlin
B. Vioreanu
July 10, 2014

YALEU/DCS/TR1493 [.pdf] On the existence of non-oscillatory phase functions for second order ordinary differential equations in the high-frequency regime
Z. Heitman
J. Bremer
V. Rokhlin
August 4, 2014

YALEU/DCS/TR1494 A Compositional Semantics for Verified Separate Compilation and Linking
Tahina Ramananandro
Zhong Shao
Shuchun Weng
Jeremie Koenig

YALEU/DCS/TR1495 [.pdf] Small coordinates of eigenvectors of certain symmetric tridiagonal matrices: numerical evaluation and error analysis
Andrei Osipov
August 25, 2014

YALEU/DCS/TR1496 [.pdf] On the Analytical and Numerical Properties of the Truncated Laplace Transform I.
Roy R. Lederman
Vladimir Rokhlin
September 5, 2014

YALEU/DCS/TR1497 [.pdf] Common Manifold Learning Using Alternating-Diffusion
Roy R. Lederman
Ronen Talmon
September 15, 2014

YALEU/DCS/TR1498 [.pdf] Analysis of Optimizations of Angluin’s $L^*$ Learning Algorithm
David Beam

YALEU/DCS/TR1499 [.pdf] Lipschitz norms, mixed Lipschitz norms and their duals on spaces with semigroups, with applications to Earth Mover’s Distance
William Leeb
Ronald Coifman
September 30, 2014

YALEU/DCS/TR1500 Deep Specifications and Certified Abstraction Layers
Ronghui Gu
Jérémie Koenig
Tahina Ramananandro
Zhong Shao
Xiongnan (Newman) Wu
Shu-Chun Weng
Haozhong Zhang
Yu Guo
October 2014

YALEU/DCS/TR1501 [.pdf] A note on approximating snowflake metrics by trees
William Leeb
November 20, 2014

YALEU/DCS/TR1502 [.pdf] The mixed Lipschitz space and its dual for tree metrics
William Leeb
November 21, 2014