2022 Technical Reports

YALEU/TR1560 Adore: Atomic Distributed Objects with Certified Reconfiguration
Wolf Honore
Ji-Yong Shin
Jieung Kim
Zhong Shao
March 2022

YALEU/TR1561 forthcoming

YALEU/TR1562 [.pdf] Equispaced Fourier representations enable fast iterative Gaussian process regression
Alex Barnett
Philip Greengard
Manas Rachh

YALEU/TR1563 [.pdf] A fast procedure for the construction of quadrature formulas for bandlimited functions
A. Gopal
V. Rokhlin
July 27, 2022

YALEU/TR1564/ A Compositional Theory of Linearizability
Arthur Oliveira Vale
Zhong Shao
Yixuan Chen