The Department of Computer Science was founded by people who had a vision. This vision was how computer science would fit into the unique spirit of Yale University, an institution oriented to an unusual degree around undergraduate education and close interdepartmental collaboration. The Department has always had close ties to mathematics and engineering, but has increasingly experienced collaborations with other disciplines important to Yale, including psychology, linguistics, economics, business, statistics, music, medicine, physics and more. It is through these collaborations that the importance of computer science in a broader sense is best appreciated.


May 21, 2014
Prof. Daniel Abadi has received the 2013-2014 Yale Provost’s Teaching Prize. See the full list of winners here.
NY Times image - David Gelernter
May 16, 2014
Prof. David Gelernter comments on net neutrality in the New York Times. Read article.
May 5, 2014
Prof. Paul Hudak has been appointed to a second term as Master of Saybrook College. Details.