Frequently Asked Questions About the MS CS Program

1.) How do I apply, what is required when applying?

The details are given at:

2.) What are the cut-off scores for standardized tests?

There are no absolute cut-offs. Accepted students generally score in the 90th percentile on the GREs. If TOEFL is required we generally look for total scores well above 100.

3.) What are the most important materials in the consideration of applications?

Everything is considered. As well as scores and GPA, strong recommendation letters from people who know the applicant and the personal statement describing the applicants motivation are important. This is not a research degree, so research experience is not required.

4.) How much does the program cost?…

5.) Is there financial aid for MS students?

There is not any financial aid for MS students in the one-year program. There is a tuition fellowship and small stipend for students in the more selective two-year program.

6.) How long does the program take?

The program takes two terms, with 4 courses each term.

Students who are on a visa must take 4 courses that count towards the degree each term to be considered full time. Students on visa who complete the 8 course requirement can choose to stay for a third term to take additional courses. However, note that CPT cannot be used between the second and third terms.

 Students who do not require a visa can study part time, with their tuition pro-rated (i.e. one course is 1/4 the full tuition.)

7.) How many people apply to the program and what is the acceptance rate?

The number of applications varies year to year. Recently on the order of 500 applications have been received each year. The acceptance rate also varies, but has been at about 15%.

8.) What do students in the program do after receiving the degree?

Most students go on to work in industry, some at large  companies (i.e. Microsoft, Google, Facebook, etc.) and  some at small companies (including start-ups.)  A few choose to go on to a PhD program.  We do not have statistics on the specific post-degree choices for students from the program. Career services are offered by Yale

9.) Do I need to have an undergraduate degree in Computer Science to be accepted?

You  don’t need a CS degree, but you need to have taken courses beyond a basic programming course and a  data structures  course that builds on basic programming. In particular you need advanced algorithms and systems programming and architecture.  We can only evaluate your experience from graded courses from accredited programs (i.e. not from MOOCs. )If you don’t have any formal computer science beyond programming, consider applying to a bridge program or post-bac program  at another institution before applying to the MS program. Unfortunately we are currently unable to offer a bridge program at Yale.