Climate & Diversity Committee

June 29, 2020

On June 8, several of our Black colleagues published a compelling statement at that called on the computing community to address the inequities faced by Black people in our field.

We, the Yale Department of Computer Science, are committing to answer their call. In their words, we will:

1.    Create unbiased and welcoming learning and work environments that allow Black people to be their authentic selves and learn and work without experiencing racism and bias.

2.    Commit to address the systemic and institutional racism that has led Black people in computing to be pushed out of the field or exit the field to pursue alternative careers.

3.    Address issues related to institutional or organizational culture and climate to create welcoming and comfortable spaces for Black people and prioritize the health and well being of all students in computing.

As a department and as individuals, we are taking initial steps to honor this commitment. One of the first steps is the immediate formation of a Climate & Diversity Committee, chaired by Prof. Theodore Kim, that will coordinate the many actions that are needed to effect meaningful change. If you have suggestions, comments, or concerns for the committee, please contact