Eight papers by Yale researchers have been accepted by ICML 2019

May 10, 2019

ICML (International Conference on Machine Learning) is one of the two most prestigious conferences in Machine Learning. It is globally renowned for presenting and publishing cutting-edge research on all aspects of machine learning used in closely related areas like artificial intelligence, statistics and data science, as well as important application areas such as machine vision, computational biology, speech recognition, and robotics.

The eight papers from Yale researchers are:

Submodular Maximization beyond Non-negativity: Guarantees, Fast Algorithms, and Applications
Christopher Harshaw (Yale University) · Moran Feldman (The Open University of Israel) · Justin Ward () · Amin Karbasi (Yale University)

Fair Online Advertising
Anay Mehrotra (Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur) · Elisa Celis (Yale University) · Nisheeth Vishnoi (Yale University)

Stable and Fair Classification
Lingxiao Huang (EPFL) · Nisheeth Vishnoi (Yale University)

Bayesian Joint Spike-and-Slab Graphical Lasso
Zehang Li (Yale School of Public Health) · Tyler Mccormick (University of Washington) · Samuel Clark (The Ohio State University)

Warm-starting Contextual Bandits: Robustly Combining Supervised and Bandit Feedback
Chicheng Zhang (Microsoft Research) · Alekh Agarwal (Microsoft Research) · Hal Daume (Microsoft Research) · John Langford (Microsoft Research) · Sahand Negahban (Yale University)

Categorical Feature Compression via Submodular Optimization
Lin Chen (Yale University) · Mohammad Hossein Bateni (Google Research) · Hossein Esfandiari (Google Research) · Gang Fu (Google LLC) · Vahab Mirrokni (Google Research) · Afshin Rostamizadeh (Google)

Submodular Streaming in All Its Glory: Tight Approximation, Minimum Memory and Low Adaptive Complexity
Ehsan Kazemi (Yale University) · Marko Mitrovic (Yale University) · Morteza Zadimoghaddam (Google) · Silvio Lattanzi (Google Zurich) · Amin Karbasi (Yale University)

Co-manifold learning with missing data
Gal Mishne (Yale University) · Eric Chi (North Carolina State University) · Ronald Coifman (Yale University)

Congratulations to all! A complete list of accepted papers can be found at https://icml.cc/Conferences/2019/AcceptedPapersInitial.

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