Institute for Foundations of Data Science debuts with interdisciplinary vision

October 26, 2022

The future of data science at Yale will reside on one of the top floors of a re-imagined Kline Tower on Science Hill, starting in 2023 — but the university, its researchers, and the new Institute for Foundations of Data Science (FDS) aren’t waiting for next year.

Doctors, economists, seismologists, psychologists, engineers, computer scientists — faculty from dozens of disciplines — are already using powerful data science tools to infuse their research with next-generation insights. They’re making discoveries in cyber security, urbanization, autism, cardiology, and artificial intelligence.

Now they will be aided by Yale’s new Institute for Foundations of Data Science, also known as the Kline Tower Institute. Yale launched the new initiative on Oct. 14 with presentations from 20 faculty members currently taking research in bold new directions thanks to innovative mathematical, statistical, and algorithmic methods of working with data.

By integrating faculty from across campus the university will help scholars apply new methods of data science to their work and inspire advances in foundational research in a range of disciplines.

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