Lin Zhong and Yue Wu win Best Paper Award from IEEE Quantum Computing & Engineering (QCE)

September 26, 2023

Lin Zhong and Yue Wu’s work on solving the Minimum-Weight Perfect Matching (MWPM) problem for Quantum Error Correction (QEC) won a Best Paper Award from IEEE Quantum Computing & Engineering (QCE),  a leading conference on Quantum Computing. 

Fusion Blossom is the fastest known decoder realized in software for quantum surface codes. It can decode a million measurement rounds per second up to a code distance of 33. The key ideas of Fusion Blossom are two. First, it recursively divides a decoding problem into two sub-problems that can be solved independently and efficiently fuses their solutions. Second, instead of solving the MWPM problem using  the syndrome graph where the MWPM problem is defined, it does so using a much sparser graph from which the syndrome graph is derived. It complements developments in better quantum hardware and brings us closer to fully error-corrected fault-tolerant quantum computing.

You can find the paper here: