Yale Computer Society Grace Hopper and Alan Perlis Prizes

May 5, 2017

The Yale Computer Society (YCS) is an organization run by undergraduates that is aimed at providing students with a range of opportunities to engage in computer science projects and activities outside of classes.

This spring YCS hosted a competition called The Grace Hopper Prize, in which Yale students designed and built projects related to computer science (similar to a hackathon, but with fewer limitations).

Competition rules and judging criteria can be found on the YCS website.

YCS hosted a Gala at the Grace Hopper College dining hall at which the following winners were announced:

Grace Hopper Prizes:

1st place ($500): PhotoOpt is an app which processes videos and selects the “best” frame in which everyone is smiling and no one is blinking.  (Ryan Lim, Robert Tung)

2nd place ($250): Yale Grill is an iOS application that streamlines the grill ordering process at Yale Dining Halls. (Philip Vasseur)

3rd place ($150): DraftNet uses neural networks to learn how to draft DOTA 2 players by analyzing thousands of successful drafts by professional Dota players. (Will Merrill, Danny Montealegre)

Alan Perlis Prize ($200): Waiv identifies and organizes events happening around a user through an integrated mobile map application. (Lance Chantiles-Wertz, Sara Lee, Josh Clark, Omid Rooholfada)