2017 Technical Reports

YALEU/DCS/TR1532 [.pdf] Localized Quantitative Criteria for Equidistribution
Stefan Steinerberger
January 24, 2017

YALEU/DCS/TR1533 [.pdf] Topological Bounds for Fourier Coefficients and Applications to Torsion
Stefan Steinerberger
May 5, 2017

YALEU/DCS/TR1534 [.pdf] An Algorithm for the Evaluation of the Incomplete Gamma Function
P. Greengard
V. Rokhliin
June 20, 2017

YALEU/DCS/TR1535  Safety and Liveness of MCS Lock—Layer by Layer (long version)
Jieung Kim
Vilhelm Sjöberg
Ronghui Gu
Zhong Shao

YALE/DCS/TR1536 [.pdf] On the solution of Stokes equation on regions with corners
M. Rachh
K. Serkh
November 18, 2017