James Glenn

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Senior Lecturer
AKW 013, 51 Prospect Street, New Haven, CT 06520
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James Glenn is a senior lecturer in Computer Science where he teaches Data Structures and Programming Techniques, Object-Oriented Programming, Computational Intelligence for Games, and Algorithms.

Jim has 20 years of full-time teaching experience prior to joining Yale, most recently at Amherst College and Loyola University Maryland. At Loyola, he was Associate Professor and Chair, overseeing curriculum revision and faculty development, teaching across the undergraduate and graduate curricula, and publishing research in algorithms and computational intelligence for games, Ramsey theory, and data structures. He has also taught at Lafayette College and the University of Maryland, College Park. Jim grew up writing games for his Atari 400 and frequently uses games as examples in his introductory programming and data structures classes. He has also taught courses in theory of computation, discrete mathematics programming languages, operating systems, and computer organization.

Jim earned his PhD at the University of Maryland, College Park under the supervision of William Gasarch, working on an application of automata theory to logic. He also holds a Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics from Amherst College.