Robotics research at Yale’s Computer Science department is currently focused on advancing Human-Robot Interaction. Applications include education, manufacturing, entertainment, and service domains. Robots are also used to advance our understanding of human behavior.

Faculty working in this area:

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Brian Scassellati Social Robotics Lab
Marynel Vázquez Interactive Machines Group
Tesca Fitzgerald Fitzgerald Group
Daniel Rakita Rakita Group
Alex Wong Wong Group
Lin Zhong ECL


Highlights in this area:

Social Robotics Lab: Research in the Social Robotics Lab focuses on building socially engaging and useful robot partners.  We build robots that provide social and cognitive support for education and therapy, robots that work collaboratively with human partners on manufacturing tasks, and robots that help explore questions about human social behavior.  We use techniques that range from computational modeling to clinical methods to approach questions about trust, engagement, and embodiment in ways that other disciplines cannot. The Social Robotics Lab is directed by Brian Scassellati.

Interactive Machines Group: The Interactive Machines Group studies fundamental problems at the intersection of Human-Computer Interaction and Robotics. In particular, our current research agenda is focused on enabling situated social interactions between robots and multiple people. We spend our day-to-day building novel computational tools, prototyping interactive systems, and running user experiments to both better understand interactions with technology and validate our methods. The Interactive Machines Group is directed by Marynel Vázquez.

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