Specialized Track in Computing and the Arts

Track Faculty: Profs. Julie Dorsey, Scott Petersen and Holly Rushmeier

Track prerequisites: Admission to the MS program in Computer Science

Two of the following four courses:

CPSC 578b Computer Graphics. An introduction to the basic concepts of two and three dimensional computer graphics. Topics include affine and projective transformations, clippings and windowing, visual perception, scene modeling and animation, algorithms for visible surface determination, reflection models, illlumination algorithms, and color theory.

CPSC 579a Advanced Topics in Computer Graphics. An in-depth study of advanced algorithms and systems for rendering, modeling, and animation in computer graphics. Topics vary and may include reflectance modeling, global illumination, subdivision surfaces, NURBS, physically-based fluids systems, and character animation.

CPSC 531a Fundamentals of Computer Music – Algorithmic and Heuristic Composition.
CPSC 532b Fundamentals of Computer Music – Sound Representation and Synthesis.
Study of the theoretical and practical fundamentals of computer-generated music. Music and sound representations, accoustics and sound synthesis, scales and turning systems, algorithmic and heuristic composition, and programming languages for computer music. Theoretical concepts are supplemented with pragmatic issues expressed in a high-level programming language.

The track also requires:

CPSC 692 Independent Project. An individual research project motivated by an issue in the arts. Potential topics include sketching techniques for creative 3D design, scanning and imaging for documentation and conservation in art, and high level languages for musical composition. Requires a faculty supervisor (one of the track faculty) and the permission of the director of graduate studies.

Five additional electives to fulfill the MS course requirements selected by the student with the advice of the track advisor. Two of the additional electives may be courses from the arts disciplines (Art, Art History, Drama, Architecture, or Music) with significant mathematical or computational content with approval by the DGS. Admission to courses outside of the CS department is at the discretion of the instructor of the course.