Research Internship Program

The CS Research Internship Program at Yale provides applicants with a unique opportunity to conduct cutting-edge research with leading researchers in the field. Interns will get a chance to not only grow their knowledge in their area of interest, but also obtain hands-on experience working on projects that have real-world impact. We welcome applications from all students that are currently pursuing a bachelor, master or PhD degree in Computer Science or related fields.


Q: Can I contact a faculty member directly?
A: Yes of course!

Q: What will happen if I apply here?
A: A committee of faculty and staff members review applications regularly and try to match applicants with faculty members. If there is a match, the faculty member(s) will contact you directly to follow up.

Q: Is there a deadline for applications?
A: While we review applications as we receive them, we encourage you to submit your application by December 15th if you are interested in opportunities in the coming summer.

Q: Where can I find information about potential internship projects?
A: Many faculty members provide information about their research on their personal or lab websites. We do not maintain a list of potential projects at this point.

Q: Does the internship require physical presence in New Haven, CT?
A: It depends on the research project. Many CS research projects can be perfectly carried out remotely. We have had several successful virtual internships in the past two years, especially since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Q: Does the internship pay?
A: It depends on the research projects. A full-time internship can receive a stipend commensurate with that of doctoral students.

Q: Does the program consider International Students?
A: Yes! We have had international student interns both physically (pre-pandemic) and virtually (post-pandemic).

Q: Does the program sponsor the necessary visa for an international student to physically visit Yale?
A: We used to do it before the pandemic. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Yale has stopped sponsoring visas for visiting international students. This may change as the pandemic situation improves, but only virtual/remote internships are possible for international students at this point.

Q: Does the program cover my travel cost?
A: It depends on the research projects.

Q: Does the internship provide health benefits or housing?
A: No, you will be responsible for both.

Q: If I have applied here but not heard from you, what should I do?
A: In general, if you have not heard from any Yale CS faculty member, that means a match has not been found yet. If it has been six months or there is any significant change in your credentials, you are welcome to apply again. You should also feel free to directly contact faculty members that you are interested in working with.

Still have questions? Reach out to us at cs-sip [AT] cs [DOT] yale [DOT] edu!