Machine FAQs

  • Is my machine backed up on a regular basis?

    Normally, when a Linux machine is set up in CS, it is added to the backup schedule. To verify that your machine is being backed up on a regular basis, please contact CS support.
    Windows / Mac
    There are no locally provided backups for Windows and Mac machines. Information Technology Services (ITS) offers Crashplan

  • Can I have root access on my local machine?

    We prefer that sudo is used instead of giving out the root passwd. If you are a CS Faculty member that needs root access on your machine, please send a request to Faculty Support requesting sudo privileges.

    Graduate students do not routinely have sudo access to their own workstations. We have made exceptions in the past.

    • The student in question must be a Ph.D. student on a regular (non-first-year) workstation.
    • The student has a legitimate need.
    • The student has demonstrated competence in system administration.
    • The student’s advisor approves.

The student is instructed in Yale’s appropriate use policy and departmental customs. In particular, sudo access must never be used to compromise the privacy or integrity of other user’s data.

If you meet the above requirements, then you will be added to the sudoers group on your machine. You will not be given the root password and you may not change the root password.