Undergraduate Peer Advisors

The Peer Advisor Program was started in 2022 by DSAC to provide more industry-focused and peer advising to undergraduate students. The Peer Advisors are a resource for deciding classes, study strategies, postgraduate opportunities, and more! Find information about each of our Peer Advisors below.

Email: peer-advisors@cs.yale.edu

The peer advisors are available to meet every week or via email for any questions you may have about the major. View the latest office hour schedule here or email a PA directly!

Photo of Jeffrey ChenJeffrey Chen is a senior in Branford College from Brooklyn, New York pursuing the BS/MS in Computer Science. On campus, I’m involved with our volunteer tax organization (VITA) and as a ULA for various CS classes (223, 365, 424, 474 so far). In the past few summers, I’ve used programming to do research at the Yale School of Management and done software engineering in big tech and quantitative trading, so I am happy to discuss any of those opportunities! Outside of classes and extracurriculars, you can find me scootering around, going to the gym exclusively after 9 PM, and drinking too much boba. I’m excited to meet you all and chat about Yale CS!

Karen Lin is a senior in Ezra Stiles College from Dallas, Texas double majoring in computer science and history of art. She is a ULA for CS50, has done research for the Yale Computer Graphics group, and attended the Grace Hopper Conference this past September. On campus, she’s involved with Kesem at Yale — a nonprofit that provides services to children who have been impacted by a parent’s cancer — and Design at Yale. Outside of classes and extracurriculars, you can find her running to East Rock, drawing really bad portraits of her friends, and picking up photography gigs across campus. She’s excited to talk to students about double majoring with the humanities and how to find a place for you in the CS department!
Bradley Lewis is a Senior (read, Junior in their second semester) in Saybrook College from Malaysia pursuing the B.S in Computer Science. I’m currently a ULA for CPSC 200, and have really enjoyed taking a wide range of Computer Science courses over my time here. I’m very passionate about using Computer Science to build cool things - I’m currently a developer at Coursetable, and have interned at companies ranging from startups to big tech. I’m also very interested in helping others navigate the recruiting process (especially international students, where the process gets a little trickier). I’m super excited to chat with you all!