2019 Technical Reports

YALEU/DCS/TR1545 [.pdf] A fast adaptive algorithm for two-dimensional scattering from a radially-symmetric potential
Jeremy Hoskins
Vladimir Rokhlin
February 13, 2019

YALEU/DCS/TR1546 [.pdf] On the inverse scattering problem for radially-symmetric domains in two dimensions
Jeremy Hoskiins
Vladimir Rokhlin
February 13, 2019

YALEU/DCS/TR1547 [.pdf] On generalized prolate spheroidal functions
Philip Greengard
April 24, 2019

YALEU/DCS/TR1548 [.pdf] Update Algebra: Toward Continuous, Non-Blocking Composition of Network Updates in SDN
Geng Li
Y. Richard Yang
Franck Le
Yeon-sup Lim
Junqi Wang
Sanat Khurana
May 2019

YALEU/DCS/TR1549 Compositional Verification of Preemptive OS Kernels with Temporal and Spatial Isolation
Mengqi Liu
Lionel Rieg
Zhong Shao
Ronghui Gu
David Costanzo
Jung-Eun Kim
Man-Ki Yoon

YALEU/DCS/TR1550 [.pdf] On the solution of Laplace’s equation in the vicinity of triple-junctions
Jeremy Hoskins
Manas Rachh
July 29, 2019