2016 Technical Reports

YALEU/DCS/TR1520 [.pdf] Fast Escape in Incompressible Vector Fields
Stefan Steinerberger
March 11, 2016

YALEU/DCS/TR1521 [.pdf] Games Programs Play: Analyzing Multiplayer Programs
Eric Koskinen
Hiroshi Unno
Moshe Vardi

YALEU/DCS/TR1522 End-to-End Verification of Information-Flow Security For C and Assembly Programs
David Costanzo
Zhong Shao
Ronghui Gu
April 2016

YALEU/DCS/TR1523 [.pdf] On the Solution of Elliptic Partial Differential Equations on Regions with Corners
Kirill Serkh
April 23, 2016

YALEU/DCS/TR1524 [.pdf] On the solution of the Helmholtz equation on regions with corners
Kirill Serkh
Vladimir Rokhlin
May 11, 2016

YALEU/DCS/TR1525 [.pdf] Automatic Single Page-Based Algorithms For Medieval Manuscript Analysis
Ying Yang
Ruggero Pintus
Enrico Gobbetti
Holly Rushmeier
June 2016

YALEU/DCS/TR1526  [.pdf] Open, privacy-preserving protocols for lawful surveillance
Aaron Segal
Joan Feigenbaum
Bryan Ford

YALEU/DCS/TR1527 [.pdf] A Population Protocol for Binary Signaling Consensus
Dana Angluin
James Aspnes
Dongqu Chen
August 2016

YALEU/DCS/TR1528 [.pdf] The class DBW $\cap$ DCW of $\omega$-languages is identifiable in the limit from positive data and membership queries with polynomial time and data
Dana Angluin
August 2016

YALEU/DCS/TR1529 [.pdf] Vertical Composition of Reversible Atomic Objects
Timos Antonopoulos
Paul Gazzillo
Eric Koskinen
Zhong Shao
September 2016

YALEU/DCS/TR1530 Certified Concurrent Abstraction Layers
Ronghui Gu
Zhong Shao
Xiongnan (Newman) Wu
Jieung Kim
Jeremie Koenig
Tahina Ramananandro
Vilhelm Sjoberg
Hao Chen
David Costanzo

YALEU/DCS/TR1531 [.pdf] An Amusing Sequence of Functions
Stefan Steinerberger
October 13, 2016